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For the new season 2019 I like to get my dyno completely ready as planned.
To many projects switching from one to the other and back gives a result that nothing is ready.
Because the dyno is my main tool for measuring ideas/planes I'm focusing myself to finish it this winter.
So in the spring off 2019 I should be measuring all I like.

Have had a lot off ideas about this new setup, but I'm limited regarding costs. (It needs to be affordable)
Thinks/idea's that can be thrown away are already there.

1) I would had liked a heavier drum this one is about 300kg for measuring 60/70HP, would had liked a 400kg drum (measurng 150HP) but they cost way over a 1500euro so that is a no go.
2) A official Eddy current brake system, but sadly a whole system (eddy current brake - hardware and software) goes over a 7000euro so that is a no go to.

So have to work with what I have, and that is already OK.

The plan is as followed.

1) Build a new frame for the whole dyno to house its new components (This will movable and in units)
2) Use my small eddy current brake (Have scored a very small one but sadly its not that strong, it can brake about 2,7HP (perhaps good enough to simulate a road)
3) Use the magnetic powder brake (Have scored a relative strong one about 100NM braking power, but Sadly it can only spin until 1800rpm.)
4) Get the lambda system working (have a whole system lying around, time to get it working)
5) Better frond cooling (Plan is to use two blower in frond)
6) Build a controller panel (to control the eddy current brake, the magnetic powder brake, engine cooling, exhaust suction, roller starter, etc, etc)
7) whole concept needs to work like planned
8) it has to look good to
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