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Started at constructing a sniffer for the dyno setup.
Difficult to find good data on how it should be done, so starting with a idea off my own.
The important thing I reed is you need a nice constant flow passing the sensor tip.
From that idea I build
First parts made for this setup
Put together. (not welded)
And here with the sensor mounded
The idea is to let the exhaust gases flow nicely past the sensor.
Think this could work. (bottom will be welded in the end to close it all)
Welded together
A nice tight flow at the tip
Here mounted on the bracket
Next challenge is the create a constant flow that the Lambda sensor needs to give a good reading.
I have a constant exhaust suction unit for the exhaust gases, so when I construct the inlet I also welded on a suction point for the lambda sensor
Hope that this will work fine, otherwise I need to work out a different plan
Here you have my welded inlet exhaust unit, with at the side the suction part for the Lambda sensor.
I will use a hose to connect the two
(Forget the test setup, its just for experimentation)
The idea is about the same as a power jet, hope that placing it in center I will have a constant flow
Next thing will be constructing the small holder that will go in the silencer
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