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Hope to make this the last chapter off the dyno build.
If I had knew it took me this long, I would have bought me a dyno with the options I needed.
This project is to large for my little work place, and is taking to long. (almost a year now)

Haven sad this, I'm getting close to having it ready.
The colour you look at is not the end colour, its a hammer right paint for rust protection.
Think of painting it red with black

Here with a big blower on the eddy current brake, to cool it down when in use
Also the drum peaks out nice and high if you compare it with the old setup.
It gives the impression it has a real mass, although its only a 300kg role
Pickup in action.
Its to wobbling this gives problems
A new sensor location with a one tooth setup
Second setup wasn't good, needed more space between tooth and no tooth
Hope this new setup will do the job.
Tested the starter, it generates a 1,4HP outcome
Started with painting the whole construction.
Also started on the four panels that should close it all.
Giving it a tight look.
Getting better and better.
Nexst step will be the black parts
First parts are black.
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