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Started with setting up the dyno, connect all wires so I can control it all from my control board.
Also the exhaust measuring should be working. (this was the purpose why I build this new setup)
Still a lot to do, but getting close

My control unit to control:
1) Eddy current brake
2) Cooling van (engine)
3) Cooling fan eddy brake
4) Display data on laptop
Test bike placed on the dyno
It seems that there is something wrong, I have less power and a huge dip around 7000rpm
That will be something for later, next step will be the setup for exhaust measuring.
Some first runs to see how it is all handling.
After each run I let the eddy current brake until 50Kmh and go for a new run
Here I put on different loads at different RPM, to check the AFR reading.
Im still setting up this part, but my idea seems to work. (the braking is more the enough)
Here a example off a run with AFR.
It still needs work, but I'm getting there
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