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Could get my hands on a secondhand electric powder brake a POC-10 from SINFONIA
With a 100NM steady braking and a peak from 120NM it can brake my dyno drum like I'm riding in the mountains.
The potential is there. (can even give it a loadcel if needed, as it has two shafts)
Sadly there is one problem on papers the Max allowed RPM is 1800RPM controlled, hopefully un-controlled it may spin faster.

The idea is to give the engine some load to see how she is performing when she needs to work harder.
A other option could be to brake the dyno drum after a run to a certain rpm

One thing was for sure, my POC-10 needed adapter plates otherwise it can't be mounted.
It was a bid more work than I thought, but managed to get it done in 15mm so it will be strong enough.
As my workshop is limited, need  to be creative so we start with drilling
Two 15mm plates drilled (at a 100mm radius)
Cutting the rest with a jig saw (with metal blade)
Two peaces lose
The idea was to use the fly cutter (set on 100mm) to get a tight cutout
Sadly that didn't work, the cutter tip was to weak
A another idea was to use the grinder with a somewhat used blade.
Not proud off the idea but it worked
And it worked not that bad, its relative tight
And there she is standing on two mounting plates.
Used three off the six mounting holes, witch is not much but will have to do.
(its on bought sides so think it would be OK)
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