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One off the big challenges is to straighten up the bent shaft.
Du to its previous setup (bearing at the end off the shaft) trough time the shaft started to bent. (In total 0,21mm)
Now I'm trying to get it straight again.
This could be a big challenge.
The small 4T press I bought that hopefully will do the job
At both ends I made some bushes to retain the strangeness in the construction
Nice at the ends off the shaft to keep it on its place
For both sides
Here the whole construction, by pressing the center it should bend the shaft tips upwards.
Marked on the highest point theoretical it should work
Started nicely at zero
And with 4T I could bent the shaft around 0,33mm
That's all in theory, as my 4T press seems to be to light.
After bending the shaft 0,33mm it bents right back to zero when releasing the pressure.
It looks like I need a 20T press or something to do that trick.
Next plan is to keep the 4T over night and see what it does.
A small hope is growing.
I left 4T pressure on the shaft over one night
Went from 0,21 to 0,17mm (0,04 less)
Going the right way
Day two, went from 0,17mm to 0,14mm (0,03mm less)
Still going the right way
ended at 0,14mm, the pres was to light to get it better.
Even after one week under pressure, it was still 0,14mm
Will keep it like this, think it's OK
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