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Starting on the main component off a dyno the mass drum.
Had to drag it from my parents place to my workshop as there I'm building the new dyno.
Of course I thought this would be the easiest thing to do, but it turns out to be quit difficult.

The plan was to replace the shaft, as I have a new one with should be a bid stronger.
Turns out the shaft had a plan off its own.
Getting the drum to my workshop was relative easy to do.
My garage lifter, lifted it on to the trailer and off we went
Here its in my workshop

Going out ones again
Remove all the other components.
Ready to push out the shaft
I made a special tool in the hope this will do the job
After a few tries, I reinforced the back in the hope it would be stronger.
But sadly that didn't work either, got the shaft about 8mm out.
And that was it...
Don't want to push my luck, and have it stuck half way so I quit.
Will use this shaft it worked before it will work again
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