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Update: 06-04-2019

Starting with volume 3.
The thinks that I'm working on are getting smaller and smaller so that's a good thing.
All the main parts are on there position, just working on the last brackets

Made a construction so the 18mm wooden plates will stay on there position inside the frame.
Hopefully this will give a nice tight look
Reinforced the wheel clamp, now its ready for complete welding
Start making a bracket that will hold the O2 sensor, for measuring the exhaust gases
Update: 18-04-2019

Finally I had time to weld it all, so the construction will be strong.
Was a lot off work, more then I thought but it will certainly not brake when I'm using it
Think I'm half way now, next step will be making it tight
Thanks to the rollers and two components its easy to transport
Welding it all with a more powerful welding machine
Started to weld the side's with 1mm steel plate to give a nice tight look
After some grinding, it is getting there
Update: 04-05-2019

All most ready with the sheet metal, to make it a nice tight dyno.
Also managed to mount a bike on it for the first time to see how it all goes
It starts to give a tighter look
Sheet metal is now completely round the dyno
Also the cooling fan holder came out nice
For the first time a bike on it.
Fuel tank can be set higher.
Nice that the air stream can be adjusted so it is just going over the top of the fender
This smashes the full force on the radiator, hopefully it will cool great
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